Episode 13

Published on:

25th Oct 2022

Ray Petro | The Politician Who Doesn't Think of Himself as a Politician

Our four-part series featuring politicians from the municipal, provincial and federal levels proved to be quite popular. Gaining their insights into environmental and sustainability issues was quite valuable and for that reason, today's guest is especially welcome.

In today's episode, Andy chats with Ray Petro, candidate for Brantford city council in Ward 4. Ray is a long time resident of Brantford. Together with his wife Karen they are raising four children and three family dogs. He also lives with his mother Gigi. His parents immigrated to Canada in 1970 for a better life for their family. Ray eventually moved to Brantford in 1999 as part of the opening management team at the Casino where he worked for many years as a Pit Manager.

Ray now operates a thriving real estate business and is a small business owner specializing in skilled trades and services. He is also an active volunteer for many years and can be found dedicating his time within the community.

In this show, they discuss the elements that make up Ray Petro the man, as well as Ray Petro the politician. They explore Ray's vision for the next four years as a member of city council.

As a relative newcomer to municipal politics, Ray also offers some thoughtful and inspiring advice for those considering entering public service themselves.

Join Andy and Ray for this fascinating discussion.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • What inspires Ray and how he manages family, business, volunteer work and public service.
  • Why he doesn't really see himself as a 'politician,' and why that matters when serving the community.
  • Ray's thoughts on the importance of making choices at home that support the environment, from recycling to supporting initiatives such as community gardens.
  • And so much more...


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