Episode 9

Published on:

20th Jul 2022

Shahid Sayeed | BIG-nano Corporation and the Sustainably Circular Economy

The Sustainably Circular podcast was originally created to dive into the key issues around sustainability and the circular economy so that you can lead others and make small but significant changes to help create a more sustainable world.

In today's episode, Andy chats with Shahid Sayeed, COO of The BIG-nano Corporation, a Canadian manufacturer marrying propulsion engineering and material science based in Waterloo, Ontario.

In this episode you'll discover:

- The philosophy that was passed down to Shahid by his father and informed his college and early career.

- Background on The BIG-nano Corporation and it's processes.

- The kinds of challenges BIG-nano and its competitors face when it comes to being part of the sustainable and circular economy.

Join Andy and Shahid for this fascinating and eye-opening discussion.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How Shahid's college life and early career was shaped by a philosophy passed down by his father.
  • Some background on The BIG-nano Corporation and it's products/processes.
  • The kinds of challenges being faced by companies like BIG-nano as part of the sustainably circular economy.
  • And so much more...


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Sustainably Circular
You are listening to the Sustainably Circular Podcast. This show is dedicated to the circular economy and how with a few key changes, you can help create a more sustainable world. No scare tactics, no shame! If we are going to do this we need everyone actively engaged, onboard, and including you.

Your host is no other than Andy Straisfield, who is the coFounder and Partner at MEA Health, Canada's First Stop For PPE Recycling. You are here for one thing: to better understand the circular economy and your role in it.

Every episode, we will dive into the key issues around sustainability and the circular economy so that you can lead others in this new sustainable world.

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